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Toe Up Socks 3/5, 3/12 and 3/19, 2018


Toe Up Socks

Mondays: March 5, 12 and 19, 2018 …12:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Cost: $60 (Cash only)

 plus materials purchased at Inua

Experience with Double-Pointed needles is very important!

Instructor: CJ

Learn to make a sock that fits you, without any Kitchener stitching. 

This is a class for people who feel confident with their knit and purl stitches that want to go beyond scarves and caps. Also for people who are tired of socks that cost a small fortune and cut off the circulation to their feet.

I will be available prior to the first class to help with yarn and needle selection if you are overwhelmed with all the choices!


You will need approximately 200 yards of sock yarn per sock (tall stocking 400 yds each). Any sock yarn must have been purchased at Inua.

1 set of 5 Double Pointed needles appropriate for yarn (read the yarn label).

Several stitch markers.

Instructions are included with class.


Reinforcing yarn, this can be any fine-gauge superwash left-over yarn.

Small scissors or snips for clipping, if reinforcing.

Circular needle in the same size as your Double Points, any length, if you have one. You will not need it at the first class.


Plan to make the first sock for yourself and as it requires some trying on, be prepared to pull off your footwear.

Everybody hates Gauge Swatches, but if you are unsure of your yarn/needle proportion, please consider making a small swatch (20-24 stitches across, 15-20 rows, stockinette stitch) so you can see whether your sock will be too limp or too tough. This is a good place to test drive reinforcing yarn you might want to use.